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Hobie Mirage Drive Kayaks – Background:

Over a decade ago Greg Ketterman’s skunk works kayak project created the very first Hobie Mirage Classic pedaling kayak. Back then no one could have known that the Mirage Kayak Pedal Mechanism would grow into what it is today. From one model to over 2 dozen models in multiple lines, the Hobie Mirage line-up has evolved beyond just another brand of kayaks to an entire new sporting goods category.

Three things that stand out the first time you hop into a Hobie Mirage kayak:

1. Hobie Mirage Pedaling Kayaks are much faster than you think they should be. It’s hard to explain but it feels like the boats are going faster than the amount of effort you put into pedaling.

2. Hobie Kayaks are noticeably more stable than a like sized paddling kayak. When the kayak is stationary in the water it feels as stable or as tippy as any other kayak. Once you start pedaling though, the Mirage hydro sails back and forth motion under the kayak have a tremendous stabilizing effect over the kayak.

3. With a Hobie Mirage Drive Kayak your hands are free! For traditional kayakers it’s a strange feeling. Mirage kayaks have a super neat rudder and steering control lever that is ergonomically located so your hand naturally falls right to the lever when you’re sitting in the seat. Point the lever in the direction you want to go and the rudder immediately responds and turns the boat. Kayak fishing enthusiasts are in heaven, they don’t have to hold a paddle. Photographers have a super silent sneak-up boat that can get them into the closest hard-to-get shots. And regular folks can eat, read, work the GPS or just cruise around without having to hold a paddle.

Hobie has continually improved the Mirage Drive every year

2016 brought one of the most impressive changes to date. The engineering, parts and efficiency of the Mirage Drive has changed every year since it first hit the market. For many years it was THE ONLY pedal drive available for kayak propulsion. The original drive was revolutionary when it was announced and the new 180 drive is still unique in kayak propulsion strategy. Hobie has well over a decade experience improving the Mirage Drive, there's nothing like it on the market.

In 2016 Hobie introduced the Mirage Drive 180. With a simple tug on a cable the Mirage Drive will propel you in reverse! The advantages are many. If you get in a tight situation where a forward turning arc is tough to maneuver, you can just "back" out. For kayak anglers who want to get in to skinny, tight areas to hook fish, reverse makes it easier to pull fish out of areas they bed down in.

All new 2017 models come with the 180 drive, contact us to get the best Mirage Drive Kayak for your needs, call us for expert consultation, 651-429-3333.

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