Kayak Fishing For Beginners

Posted on July 18 2020

By Ron Strauss, President, Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

People interested in kayak fishing have lots of questions

It's natural to have fear of things you don't know about or haven't experienced. Beginners interested in kayak fishing have lots of reservations about the sport. Is it hard to fish from a kayak? How do I get started in kayak fishing? Can I load/unload the kayak by myself? Are kayaks too tippy and is it safe? What basic gear do I need to get started? You can find the answer to these questions online in videos and blogs like this one. You can get "virtual" answers, but like most things, experience is the best teacher.


A nice pike caught on a Get Into Kayak Fishing outing

Our "Kayak Fishing, Get Into It" program is a class combined with on the water real-life experience

We've developed a short presentation that covers all the basics for beginner kayak anglers. We give each participant a copy of the presentation so they can refer to it after the program as they explore kayak fishing and what products would be best for them.

These are the kayak fishing topics we cover in the classroom part of the program

  • What makes fishing kayaks different from other kayaks?
  • What type of propulsion is best for you?
  • You’ll want a good, comfortable seat
  • What style of fishing kayak is best for you?
  • How are you going to transport your fishing kayak?
  • What basic accessories do I need for kayak fishing?
  • How to store your kayak when it’s not in use.
  • Your first outings, where to go, what to do.

After the class is finished, we get out on the water!

Yep, you literally "get your feet wet". Ha, ha! It's FUN! We see people transform from a "can I do this?" state of mind to "I got this and I LOVE IT". We have people unload a kayak, get it loaded and wheel it to the water. We encourage them to bring their own rods and tackle so they know they already have a lot of the stuff they need to get into the sport. The actual experience of getting out on the water is what seals the deal, it builds confidence and drives the desire to be part of the sport.

Beginners have lots of questions about kayak fishing, we'll answer all of them

After fishing, we have program participants help get all the gear unpacked and loaded. You'll help strap down the kayaks, you can even load one on your vehicle if you want. It's interesting to see the questions move from what participants don't know, to now that I know a little, can you tell me more based on actually being out kayak fishing? The goal of the program is to get you comfortable with basic knowledge of the sport of kayak fishing so you're comfortable making an informed decision to join the sport.

The sport of kayak fishing is growing, be part of it!

The number of kayak fishing is growing quickly. The pace of innovation and gear development is accelerating with no end in sight. It's an exciting, cool way to fish! Our Kayak Fishing, Get Into It program is a no stress, easy way to learn the basics and get actual time on the water with no risk of investing lots of money in gear. 



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