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K2 IKonic 80 Ti Skis with Marker MXC 12TC Bindings 2015-2016

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K2 IKonic 80 Ti Skis 2016



The 2016 K2 iKonic 80Ti's are designed to overtake terrain and snow conditions of nearly every variety. At an on-trail oriented waist width of 80 millimeters, the iKonic's transfer from edge to edge quickly and precisely. Camber under foot distributes your weight along the aft 90% of the ski's length, thereby providing exceptional grip on ice. All-Terrain Rocker in the tip allows for the initiation of turns at a slight edge angle, and with minimal effort. Hybritech sidewall pairs high density plastic sidewall under binding with ultralight cap in the tip and tail. Cap construction keeps weight low at the extremities, for a high degree of maneuverability. Sidewall plastic functions in a similar manner to base material, gliding efficiently over the snow, and allowing the edge to be properly sunk. Durability is inherent to this method of ski construction. Konic core technology provides power and stability by installing higher density wood along the ski's edges. Tapered Tip readily penetrates crud, and heavy snow. Alternating layers of fiberglass and Titanal dampen the ride at speed, and keep edge contact consistent through the turn.


Triaxial Braid - A 3 direction fiberglass weave protects the wood core of the iKonic 80 Ti's, and gives them a lively feel.

Hybritech Sidewall - A perfect pairing of durable sidewall construction under foot with cap in the tip and tail, Hybritech provides edge grip and durability while maintaining a knife's edge silhouette for super efficient terrain navigation, even in degraded trail conditions.

Metal Laminate - Speed and variable terrain cause skis to twist out of the turn. The torsional stiffness provided by the iKonic's full metal laminate keeps the ski locked in through the apex of the turn.


K2 Konic Technology - By increasing the density of the core material along the edges of the skis, K2 gives the iKonic 80 Ti's a solid, powerful feel mid. Nanolite, an aerospace quality composite material, occupies the core center of the iKonics, keeping them awesomely light under foot.


All Terrain Rocker - Long early rise in the tip and tail of the ski promotes turn initiation and keeps you up on top of crud, spring mash, and of course pow. Tail rocker takes some of the bang out of landings.

Tapered Tip - Without conceding effective edge length, early taper in the tip adds slash-ability in fresh stuff and punch through power variable snow, ice, and crud.

Additional Awesomeness

Moderate Camber under foot gives the iKonic 80 Ti's an energetic, spring loaded feel in variable terrain.


Marker MXC 12TC - This system binding is integrated directly into the K2 iKonic 80Ti. These ski bindings are designed to make the ski feel extremely quick edge-to-edge and provide maximum power transfer out of every turn. They have a din range of 3-12. The K2 iKonic 80Ti skis do not come mounted, if you have any questions on mounting please contact an expert at

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