Though Hobie kayaks and sailboats are highly durable under normal conditions they tend not to withstand the rigors of over the road freight carrying. In addition, Hobie highly recommends purchasing your Hobie from your local Hobie dealer.

Why Buy Local?

Hobie strongly recommends that you purchase your Hobie products through your local dealer whenever possible. Due to the unique design aspects and features of our products, your specialty retailer will provide the hands-on service and product assembly to ensure you receive the ultimate satisfaction from your Hobie. It is important to be aware that our warranty policy states that any warranty service must be performed by the dealer from whom the boat was purchased, unless the buyer has moved, or is traveling when the warranty service is required.

Enjoy your new Hobie, and be assured that Hobie Quality and Value is first and foremost in our minds from the moment we design a product, through its construction and ultimately extends to our selection of dealers to service the sale. We very much appreciate your business.

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