What are the differences in Hobie Mirage Drives?

The Hobie line of Mirage Drive kayaks for 2020 is larger than ever. New entry priced models make a quality, fin style pedal drive available to a wider audience. At the high end, the new MD 360 drive delivers the ultimate in boat control and maneuverability.

NEW! Kick-up fin technology

Underwater hazards like tree stumps, boulders or sharp transitions to shallow water have always caused problems for boaters. For Mirage Drive users, running into a hazard could result in a bent mast; the rod that extends down from the front of the fins. Hobie has developed kick-up fin technology that automatically protects the drive when you bump into an underwater hazard. This technology is available on three out of four of the current drives. No other pedal, fin style kayak comes with anything like this.

Mirage Drive Guide

The chart below shows the four drive models and the features of each drive. Below each column are the Hobie Kayak models that drive is standard on. If you have any questions, call us at 651-429-3333 or message us.

Hobie Mirage Drive Differences And Features

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