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Hi Tempo Custom Ski Boot Fitting

What does custom boot fitting mean?
To understand the importance of custom boot fitting it helps to understand a few things about the foot. The foot has 26 bones and 33 joints. All the bones in the human foot grow differently so every foot is unique and different from every other foot on the planet. Accordingly, each foot has a different support requirement than every other foot. Ski boot and shoe manufacturers work hard to design footwear that fits as many different feet as possible. To do that they’re forced to design their footwear around the statistically average foot shape…..which no one has. That’s not unlike an eye glass manufacturer creating a single prescription for everyone that wears glasses. Another thing to consider is the importance of the ski boot as part of the ski system that includes a boot, binding and ski. The ski boot is the interface between the skier and the ski system. If it were possible for a ski boot to transmit every bit of energy from the foot to the skiing system, skiing would be intuitive and every turn would be perfect. Obviously it’s not possible for a ski boot that is designed for the masses to transmit 100% of the input energy from a unique and individual foot and that’s where custom fitting comes in.

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