Hobie Kayak Fishing Experience

Here's a great way to experience the world of Hobie Kayak Fishing!

Kayak fishing has some unique features that make it fun and exciting. You are up close and intimate to the water you are on and the fish you catch. You can get to waters where power boats can't go. You are in a very stealthy, quiet vessel, so you can "sneak" up on fish. There's no smelly gas or oil or expensive maintenance needed. PLUS, there's a strong community that is welcoming to those new to the sport.

If you've never fished from a kayak, you probably have some questions or concerns

This event consists of instruction on topics that are specific to kayak fishing. Safety, transportation of kayaks, types of waters and models best used, rigging and accessories and much more. You'll learn from our local Hobie Fishing Team experts that love helping bring people in to the sport of kayak fishing.

Experience kayak fishing with a friendly, helpful expert

You'll get out on the water and experience first hand what makes Hobie kayak fishing a unique experience. You'll use the latest and greatest yaks from Hobie, the most sought after kayaks in the industry. You'll have an experienced kayak fisherman with you. You'll get a fast start, your expert will help you with anything you want to learn about the sport.

You'll have FUN! We'll all go back to the store and enjoy a meal and chat

After 3 hours fishing, we'll enjoy a nice meal and some soft drinks and share our experiences. When kayak anglers aren't fishing...they're talking, planning their next outing or tournament and learning more about the sport. You'll have a chance to ask more questions and learn about regional groups and clubs as well as national events. The sport has experienced strong growth and you'll find those participating very welcoming and ready to help.  

5 Hours: Class, Fishing, Social

Learn: tips, tactics and best practices – 1 hour

Experience: on the water thrills with a kayak fishing expert – 3 hours

Share: a meal, chat and ask questions – 1 hour


Where: the learn portion of event is at Hi Tempo in White Bear Lake, MN. The fishing portion will be on White Bear Lake, a short drive from the store. We'll all go back to the store for the meal and chatting.


We are in the process of working out the details. If you are interested in taking part in this event, complete the form below and you will be added our email list for this event. 

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