Hi Tempo – Hobie Kayaks is a strong supporter of the growth of kayak fishing in the upper midwest

Each year we sponsor a local fishing team. We pick these individuals based on strong experience and dedication to the sport of kayak fishing. We also consider their efforts to help us others join the sport or become better at the sport. Our team members help us at trade shows and other kayak fishing industry events. We asked our team members some quick questions to learn more about them, their answers are below. We’re proud to introduce our 20176 Local Hobie Kayak Fishing team, Jay Suhsen and Grant Carston!


Jay Suhsen

Jay is an avid outdoorsman. Year round he can be found in the field, on the water or on the ice. Jay is very active in his church and teaching youth the attractions and excitement of an active outdoor life. Jay won the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association’s Chris Nelson tournament in 2014. He also publishes articles on national kayak websites, forums and has a You Tube channel that shows the thrills of kayak fishing and teaches you some of his tips and tactics.

1. What do you like best about fishing from a kayak?

Jay S. Hobie Kayak Bass Fishing 

That’s not a simple question. I like the mobility. Small streams to Rainy Lake; I can fish almost anywhere. I like that I can get away from crowds if I choose to. I like that I am the motor (Who needs less exercise?). I feel like I truly earn the fish that I catch and that’s very rewarding. I like how I feel more connected to the outdoor experience when kayaking. Nature does not seem to be threatened by my presence. I like the type of people that are naturally drawn to this sport and it’s easy to make a connection/friendship with them. I like that it doesn’t cost me $150 to fill a gas guzzling truck and bass boat to go out of town for the weekend. 

2. Which Hobie model are you riding this year? Why did you pick that model?

I picked the PA 12 for three reasons. 1) The Hobie Pro Angler is “the” cadillac of fishing kayaks with exceptional stability, mobility, and ease of rigging. 2) I picked the 12 because I often fish alone or with kids from my youth group and the 12 is very manageable for one person. 3) I already have a Hobie Outback. If I need the maneuverability for a small stream or do a long trek through the woods I can still go that route so all bases are covered. 

3. Tell us about the biggest thrill you’ve had fishing from a kayak?

The biggest thrill to date was winning the Chris Nelson Online. The pinnacle moment was when I put the 20″ smallmouth in the boat. I was very lucky to get the 26″ walleye early in the tournament. I then fished non-stop at my summer pike pattern until successful. Bass fishing is my forte’. I left it until last because I thought it would be easy but all I could catch were average fish. When the 20″ smallie was flopping in the bottom of the yak I was fairly confident that I had it locked up.

4. What’s on your bucket list to accomplish in kayak fishing?

I would like to catch a 50″ or greater sturgeon from the yak. I would like to fish for Redfish in the coastal marshes near New Orleans. Tarpon and bonefish in the Florida Keys.

Grant Carston

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