The Hobie 17 was introduced in 1985 as the new, hi-tech singlehanded boat to fill the market niche of the Hobie 14. Many new concepts were introduced on the 17. The boat was an immediate success, and competitive fleets sprouted up in North America, Australia and Europe.

Locate parts for your Hobie 17:
1. Search the Hobie 17 Parts Locator, to the left, below.
2. Locate the part(s) you need
3. Identify the part number(s) 
4. Enter part number(s) in the yellow search box above to pull up the part listing.


Hobie 17 H17 Parts Locator Finder

>>H17 Parts Locator (PDF)

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Hobie Sail Catalog

>>Accessories Catalog (PDF)

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