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Hobie makes the best pedal fishing kayaks in the world!

We sponsor some of the top kayak bass fisherman in the country. They all tell us that in national events the anglers fishing from Hobie Kayaks place higher and enjoy advantages and benefits that anglers in other kayaks don't have. The mirage pedal drive takes you further, faster. You can troll or fish hands free without having to deal with a paddle in your hands, feel and set the hook on more fish. PLUS, add all the other kayak fishing features that are built right in and the accessories available and you can add to totally trick out your fishing yak to the max. Nothing compares to fishing from a Hobie!

Hi Tempo is one of the oldest Hobie Fishing Kayak dealers in the U.S.A.

We'll help you get the best Hobie Fishing Kayak for your individual needs! Everyone has a favorite species to fish for. Some anglers fish small water, others fish large bodies of water. Some anglers transport their yak in a trailer or the back of a pickup truck, others car-top their yaks. Our experts help you get the best kayak for your needs and we can get it delivered to you anywhere in the continental U.S.A. We've got a lot of information in the links on this page. Explore them to learn about Hobie Pedal Fishing Kayaks.

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