Hobie Mirage Drive Pedal Kayaks

Cabin and boat show pricing has been extended to February 28. Covid has drastically increased the demand for outdoor products and limited factory production. ORDER EARLY to ensure you get the boat you want.  

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What type of Hobie MirageDrive Pedal Kayak are you looking for?

Hobie kayaks feature the Mirage Drive pedal system. Hobie introduced this revolutionary propulsion system. It's what makes our kayaks the most popular kayaks on the market. Use the links below to explore the different categories of Hobie Kayaks. Use the product links at the bottom of these pages to get more information on specific models within each category. Please send us a message, email or call us to talk with an expert who will answer all your questions.

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Hobie Fishing Kayaks

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Hobie Inflatable Kayaks

Hobie Inflatable Kayaks

Hobie Mirage Islands Sailing Kayaks

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We'd love to answer any questions. Use the chat feature on this page, or call 651-429-3333.

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