Jay's Review Of Fishing From A Hobie PA12

Posted on September 26 2016

Jay S. Fishing From A Hobie Pro Angler 12 Kayak

We caught up with Jay Suhsen to get reflections on his 2016 kayak fishing season and how he used the Pro Angler 12 to his advantage. 

Question 1. How have you used your Hobie PA 12 Fishing Kayak in a new way this year that has made a difference in your fishing results?

I'm fishing out of the PA 12 this season. It's a beautiful boat and it has fundamentally changed how I fish in several ways. The first is that I stand up much more often to fish. Sometimes that's a huge advantage. For instance, when I'm pitching underhand to cover or punching mats. That's difficult to do from a seated position. The PA 12 is very stable and I'm quite comfortable standing in it. The second way that it has changed my fishing is the amount of stuff I carry with me. I really like to have everything I may possibly need with me so that I can effectively catch fish in any situation that presents itself. I'm carrying more than twice as much gear with me this year with no sense of extra clutter. The back deck on the PA 12 is huge by kayak standards as well as the front hatch.

Question 2. Tell us how you think the new Hobie 180 drive will present opportunities to improve your fishing results?

Although I target other species, I spend a lot of time fishing bass. Quite often when I'm fishing docks I like to get closer to shore and cast at the wheels of the docks as well as under the bow of the boats that are on the lifts. This gets me into situations where I have to put my fishing pole down and pick up my half paddle to get turned around and get back out of the corner that I've fished myself into. I've often thought that if I could just back up without putting the rod down that I could put more fish in the yak. The same thing happens peddling into cuts in vegitation like lily pads. It would be much easier to back out and keep fishing.

Question 3. What is the most important improvement, decision, product or strategy you implemented this year to improve your fishing success?

The most important decision this season was to fish out of the Hobie PA 12. It is a remarkable fishing machine. There are two very important pieces of equipment this year that I would like to highlight. The first is the H-rail. It allowed me to mount all of my gear wherever I thought I wanted it. It then allowed me to very simply move all of my gear to where I really needed it after becoming accustomed to a new boat; and all without ever drilling a hole.

The second piece of equipment that I couldn't do without is a product called the anchor wizard. It is so simple to use and allows me to fish in windy areas that send other kayakers searching for wind breaks. If an anchor system is the slightest bit inconvenient to use then it will not get used when you really need it to catch more fish.

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