Is The Hobie Pro Angler 14 The Best Fishing Kayak?

Posted on December 28 2016

Grant – Hobie Kayak Bass Fishing Team

By Grant Carston, 2017 Hi Tempo / Hobie Fishing Team

This season I'm fishing from the Pro Angler 14 from Hobie

I picked this kayak  because it fits my style of fishing. Some anglers are strictly ocean or salt water fishing people. Some stick to rivers, creeks or ponds. I mainly fish inland glacier lakes and big river reservoirs. I target large and smallmouth bass, fishing a lot of tournaments with a variety of cover on each lake. Docks, trees, weeds and deep underwater structures are what I look for. The Pro Angler 14 is the best kayak for my style of fishing.

When I'm getting set up for a tournament or a long day on the water, space is one thing I like to have

Having enough storage and carrying capacity for lots of tackle is important. On tournament day you never know what lure the fish are going to bite. So I carry an assortment of lures with me. The same holds true for rods. I will generally bring 5-6 rods with me on the water. This is so I'm not wasting time tying different lures on one rod. Each rod is a tool with a different job to perform. Having the capability to store 6 rods in the protected rod pockets on the PA14 keeps my tools safe and within reach.

Stability is another reason I chose the PA 14

Hobie makes one of the most stable kayaks on the market hands down. That gives me confidence and comfort on those windy days. I can spend less time worrying about the wind and more time landing a fish. On tournament day, there is no wind delay. Fighting the wind is a lost battle in less stable fishing kayaks. The stability gives it great weight carrying capacity, while still being able to load all my gear. You can also stand and sight fish in clear water or just stretch your legs. With the optional standing assist bar you can easily stand and fish. Even without the bar you can still stand if needed.

Hands free fishing thanks to the mirage drive gives me complete control

One technique of fishing called "Drop shot" is where hands free is the best option. You need to hover over a targeted area of fish and shake a lure in a small spot. If there's any kind of breeze, this way of fishing is virtually impossible unless you have the mirage drive. You can buffer yourself against the wind and stay put. Hobie also integrated reverse this year. It will be great when dock or lay down fishing. Once you hook a fish, they tend to tow you into the structure where they hide. Now you can easily move in reverse while fighting the fish from its cover.

More time spent on the water fishing

Time is everything when tournament fishing or going out after work. With the PA14 I'll be able to cover water efficiently and not be exhausted. Some days I'll paddle 10 miles a day and fighting the wind gets old after the first mile. Having the mirage drive will eliminate that headache. I'll also save time by keeping all that gear inside my kayak when putting in and taking out of the water. I use a trailer that allows me to quickly move from lake ramp to ramp. All I need to do is strap down my yak and I'm off to the next spot. Being fast at tournaments held on big body's of water with multiple launches, saves me time. We all could use more fishing time, tournament or no tournament.

I'm very excited and proud to fish from the new Hobie PA 14! I know it will increase my catch rate and make my tournament season better. Go take a look and keep those lines tight!

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