Hobie Kayak Helps Take The Top Spot In An MN Three Species Tournament!

Posted on November 11 2016

Multi Species Kayak Fishing Tournament

The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association puts on a two month long, three species tournament

You use your best Bass, Walleye and Northern Pike by inches to achieve a final score in total inches. This 2016 tournament drew entrants from a 5 state area, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota Iowa and Wisconsin. Over two months you fish and upgrade your current catch. Hobie / Hi Tempo Fishing Team member Jay Suhsen took first place in this tournament. This tournament can take you to many different lakes, rivers and streams in pursuit of the largest fish in these species. Being able to rig and equip your Hobie Kayak in different ways can help make the difference when targeting various species.

We asked Jay how his Hobie Kayak helped him out fish other entrants.

Let me break this down per species

Largemouth Bass: The fish that I entered were caught from beneath a dock. I never fish a dock with the expectation of catching only one fish. I approached this dock intentionally from the downwind side. This allows me to hover in position while I fish a dock. Also, when I hook and land a fish I’m blown away from the dock and not into it which tends to destroy your chances of catching multiple fish from an exceptionally good dock. The bass that I entered was the fourth fish in a row that I caught from that one dock. The stealthy benefits of a Hobie Kayak help you "sneak" up on bass tucked under docks. 

Pike: I caught my best pike of the tournament from a river system. The spot where I caught it required peddling a great distance down river from the nearest access point. That’s the easy part. Getting back at the end of the day required peddling into the wind against heavy current. With great exertion, you could certainly paddle a well-designed kayak hull into the same conditions but, based on previous experience, you would have serious regrets the next day when your arms are aching. Your legs are meant to do this kind of work efficiently and that was a primary consideration in attempting this spot. The mirage pedal drive made it possible for me to confidently venture down stream and know that I had the gear to get back to my put-in spot.

Walleye: Most of Minnesota’s premier walleye fisheries are very large bodies of water. I fished the walleye spots alone, after dark, a long way off shore, with water temps in the 50’s during this late fall tournament. To capsize in this situation is genuinely life threatening. Just to venture out onto this type of fishery after dark requires a stable kayak that you can feel very confident in. My Hobie PA12 had all the safety and stability features to give me the confidence to venture out after Walleye after dark.

All the species above required me to rig my kayak in slighlty different ways and bring gear approprate to the target species. My Hobie Fishing Kayak makes this easy. 

Special thanks to Jay Suhsen for contributing to this article 

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