From Hobie, To Paddle Kayak And Back To Hobie

Posted on February 07 2017

Pro Angler 14 Camo Fishing Kayak

By KP Enderle, 2017 Hi Tempo - Hobie Fishing Team

I started kayak fishing in 2015. My first kayak was a Hobie Outback but most of the people I fished with had paddle kayaks which I thought was the way to go so I posted my Outback online, it sold quickly. Looking back, that was my first indication about the quality and popularity of a Hobie fishing kayak.

I purchased a paddle kayak, but it had an uncomfortable seat and no rudder

It took me less than a season to know I needed something better. My next kayak had a more comfortable seat and rudder but I then realized I needed more room for all of the fishing gear I was acquiring. 

During this time, I met several Hobie owners. They always looked happy, comfortable and had plenty of room for their gear. My first fall of kayak fishing, I camped on Rainy Lake (in Minnesota) with a large group from the MN Kayak Fishing Association. I noticed the ease with which the Hobie kayak owners got around and were able to fish with both hands while I had to paddle to stay in position or try to keep up with them (I didn't).

The second time I went to Rainy Lake I rented a Hobie Outback

One of my best decisions ever. I fished 8-11 hours a day and never had a sore back or butt. I was able to stay in one spot while fishing, by feathering the Mirage drive, and fish with both hands instead of paddling. One guy, 20 years younger than me, mentioned that he was sore from all the paddling he did while up there. I did not have that issue.

This year will be the best season ever as I will be fishing from the ultimate fishing kayak, a 2017 Pro Angler 14 camo edition with the new 180 Mirage drive. There have been many times (in my old paddle kayak) when I did not fish due to wind conditions or because there were too many big boats, making big waves. Those will not be factors this year. I will be able to remain in one spot whether the wind is blowing from the front or back, big waves will be no problem, I can easily carry all my gear and I will also be able to stand to fish.

Bent rods and tight lines.

Check out the Pro Angler 14 Camo Fishing Kayak

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