Discover New Hot Spots By Pond Hopping With Your Hobie Fishing Kayak

Posted on February 22 2017

Lake Exploring From Kayak

By Grant Carston, 2017 Hi Tempo - Hobie Fishing Team

Whether you're looking for a new fishing hole or an adventure, pond hopping is a great way to explore upper Midwest water ways by visiting multiple lakes in one area on one day. Here in Minnesota and Wisconsin, you have a vast array of lakes that are within a few miles from another. Packing a hearty lunch and some gear for an all day excursion can be the best way to explore such lakes. Having the Mirage Drive from Hobie is a huge advantage to help with your exploration.

Each year I make a list of new lakes to explore

I generally do this in the winter during the hard water period. It helps to calm the cabin fever from long winters. Start by buying yourself a small note pad that is dedicated to this planning process. Pull up a map of the area you want to explore and start writing down all the lakes in that area. Then plan out which lakes to hit first in the amount of time you have. Once you've explored a lake, write a brief description to explain if you should come back to it or not. This will depend on what your in search for.

With the Mirage Drive you can venture out further in less time

That leaves you with more time to get back into some untouched water. This also helps with energy. Paddling all day takes a lot of energy and you can find yourself sore and exhausted after one lake. The easy use Mirage system is fast and effortless and frees your hands from having to work a paddle. Hands free fishing is an advantage on any kayak fishing trip.

Having two free hands gives you an advantage not only for fishing but for photographers as well

Recently the MNKFA (MN kayak fishing association) took out an outdoors writer and professional photographer. Both got to try out Hobie Pro Angler 14 Fishing Kayaks. The photographer never put his camera down. He also brought thousands of dollars of gear with him. Because of the stability of the PA14, he was standing and shooting within 5 minutes of being on the water. He had never been in a fishing kayak before that day.

Pond hopping is a great way to explore, find big fish, catch breathtaking pictures and simply get away to have peace and tranquility. Get in your Hobie this season and try this Lewis and Clark way of exploring different waters on any given Saturday. You might be surprised at how many you can visit in one day.

Stay safe, have fun and tight lines!

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