Are Hobie Fishing Kayaks The best?

Posted on December 18 2016

Hobie Mirage Drive Fishing Kayak

Hobie kayaks have a unique pedal drive system that no other fishing kayak can match

In 2016, kayak fishing consumers saw some of the most dramatic innovation and product announcements ever! If you follow i-cast and other industry trade shows, you’re aware that one after another, kayak manufacturers jumped on the pedal power kayak bandwagon. If you want to build a superior fishing kayak, it only makes sense that users need both their hands free to hold a rod in one hand and another hand free to reel in the fish. Hobie fishing kayaks have included this feature from the start. Hobie is the original innovator in this area. It was only a matter of time before the competition tried to match our pedal drive feature that benefitted users. Paddle kayak anglers are constantly wrestling with trying to paddle while hooking, landing or trolling for fish.

So what’s so great about the Hobie pedal drive versus what other fishing kayak manufacturers are offering?

Hobie Mirage Drive Fishing KayakThe Hobie Mirage Drive is a unique innovation that has been unmatched in over 10 years. Most propulsion systems for water craft are based on a propeller. A turning screw that displaces water to move the water craft forward or backward. The Hobie Mirage Drive uses “fins”. Fins that flex and propel the the vessel forward or backward. The Hobie Mirage Drive mimics the way a penguin moves through water. It matches the way fish and other water animals move through water. Years of evolution have been effective in helping nature work efficiently in water and Hobie has translated the best features of nature in to the unique, unmatched Mirage Drive.

Propeller drive fishing kayaks are cumbersome to use, subject to massive weed tangles, and don’t match the efficiency, power and reliability of the Hobie Mirage Drive 

Hobie Mirage Drive Fishing Kayaks are designed and built for users who want the best. The features and benefits are apparent when you experience a Hobie on the water. Propeller drives from other manufacturers create a tangled mess when you go in to weeds. That's a cumbersome mess you need to cleanup. That takes time away from fishing. We offer on the water demos so you can experience first hand the difference what the advantage is fishing from a Hobie. Go out and test demo the other pedal kayaks on the market. Then schedule a Hobie Fishing Kayak Demo. You'll experience the difference. More power, easier to use and more comfortable.

Hi Tempo is one of the oldest Hobie Dealers in the country. We ship Hobie Fishing Kayaks anywhere in the continental U.S. 

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