2016 Season Review With Hi Tempo Hobie Fishing Team Member Matt McCandless

Posted on September 26 2016

The kayak fishing season is starting to wind down in Minnesota, let's find out how the season has gone for our local fishing team  

Hobie Outback Kayak FishingLocal Hobie Fishing Team member Matt McCandless has been using his Outback for months, we wanted to get some input how the season has been going and what he likes about the new reverse 180 drive for 2017. We asked him a few questions.

How have you used your Hobie Fishing Kayak in a new way this year that has made a difference in your fishing results?

With the Mirage Drive being so easy to remove, I've  been having great success parking my Outback on top of lily pads and dropping wacky and Texas rigged senkos down the edge. I let them sit for a minute and then jig them a bit before retrieval. This tends to work great late morning and late afternoon. 

Tell us how you think the new Hobie 180 drive will present opportunities to improve your fishing results?

The new 180 Drive is going to make maneuvering in and out of docks, creeks, openings in lily pads, etc. amazing. Being able to easily, and quickly transition from forward to reverse with a simple pull. This will allow for getting in and out of tight areas quicker, allowing users to cover more water in less amount of time.

What is the most important improvement, decision, product or strategy you implemented this year to improve your fishing success?

This year for me less is more! I have been concentrating on hitting a select few lakes and getting to know the behavior of the fish in these lakes, where in the past I was taking a shotgun approach and hitting many lakes and rivers. By narrowing my lakes selection I have increased not only the amount of fish caught but also the size. Knowing the lake, structures, and behavior for me is key to more fish, and more fish = more fun!

Matt is riding a Hobie Outback. Learn more about the Outback here.

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